Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave "Where the Wild Roses Grow"
A beautifully shot music video which I worked on, a long long time ago. I did the online edit (on a Quantel Henry), retouching some of Kylie's hair, flipping/reframing a few shots (see if you can spot Nick's parting changing sides in one shot!) plus a few other bits.
Longpigs "She Said"
Another music video from way back. Again, I did the online conform with a load of heavy colour grading, and probably some other tweaks which I've long forgotten!
Hal featuring Gillian Anderson "Extremis"
I had the task of 3D tracking the movement of those weird robots onto the gold people, long before any kind of automated tracking existed - it was all manual and very tedious! I think this version was deemed too weird/saucy/nonsense-on-stilts, so a tamer version was made later.
ITV Snooker
A title sequence which I created on a Quantel Henry plus some 3D, also by me, made in Softimage.
UEFA Euro 2000 title sequence
This was also for ITV. The production company had the idea of having the footage of the players somehow projected onto loads of tickertape bits, and it was up to me to figure out how to do it. The answer was many layers of particle animation tickertape bits, each with a slightly different scaled layer of footage matted on, to create the deep projected effect. Again, done in Softimage and Henry. At standard def, 4:3!
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